Memoria of the pond


Palakkad in Kerala boasts about the number of ponds it once upon a time had. Slowly with less people to take care of these water bodies and due to the cost of cleaning it, it has been vanishing. The village pond I went to as a child and later as an adult used it as my contemplation spot is covered with hyacinth now. The children who took the pond for granted back then, where they learnt to swim and enjoyed their summer holidays, have no place to take their children now.

These photos are from a private pond which was open for a short period during our village festival. There has been a major debate on whether to clean the village pond or not, but no progress as of yet. But for now, this…

I watched my cousin being thrilled at the prospect of going to the pond. She kept encouraging and coaxing everyone to accompany her. And when we did go she was scared and excited at the same time.

If only all children had the opportunity for a childhood like this.

Carefree, playful and happy for most bits…




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