All for the love of Pesto…

When you love pesto all you can think of is growing the sweet basil in your garden.

That’s what I did. Got myself some Italian basil seeds (another name for sweet basil) and sowed them in a planter.

How adorable the seedlings look!

But they are also a bit touchy and one has to be very careful I realised. With enough sunlight and water they grow well but as one can understand the events in a plant’s life are rather slow. And for an eager basil loving gardener it can be tough. I think this was the main reason why I lost couple of seedlings and had to redo the whole process again.

What I found best is to plant the seeds in a seed tray or small planter. Give atleast a weeks time for it to sprout (depending on the nature of the seed). At times it can test your patience. Once you see the seedlings be careful how you water it. Preferably use a gentle spray.  Once it has more than two inches in height you can transfer it to a big planter. Post that they dont need any specific care. If you have grown the holy basil (Tulsi) at home, this won’t be any different from that. Once you see the flowers, let it dry and save the seeds to either plant another basil or give it away to a pesto lover like me !


**If anyone living in Bangalore is looking for Italian basil seeds, I do have a few to give away. You can get in touch with me at



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